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Senior Design Capstone Project:
A jumping and wheeled robot uniquely designed to explore the subsurface of the Moon for NASA
Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 5.36.55 PM.png
Pneumatic Marchetti Engine 
A fully designed and manufactured 8-cylinder radial cam engine
Wireless "Battle Bot"
A robot to compete in a "League of Legends" style tournament
Chess Set
A fully designed and manufactured custom chess set
Axon Enterprise, Inc.
My summer internship doing R&D of conductive electrical weapons
Injection Molding
A fully designed, analyzed, and manufactured tool and produced shots
Modix Modular Technologies, LTD.
My summer internship creating large-scale, low-cost, modular 3D printers
A fully designed and manufactured desk "candy"
Wireless Model Vehicle
A car designed and engineered to compete in a race
Vise Stop
A fully designed and machined custom vise stop
Design for Manufacturability
DFM analysis for a fictitious product
Surface Modeled Fruit
Cherries surface modeled in SolidWorks
Stirling Engine
A fully designed and machined heat engine
The Boeing Company
My summer internship doing product management and technology integration
Robotic Piano
An autonomous instrument to play in a robotic band
Signal Converter
Driving a speaker based off of a weak IR light signal 
Social Robot
Prototype designed specially for Leah, a girl with cerebral palsy and autism 
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