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Axon Enterprise, Inc.

I worked at Axon, formerly Taser International, as a Mechanical Engineering Intern doing R&D for TASER 7. I was a member of the Conductive Electrical Weapons team (TASERs). Throughout the summer I designed and developed many machines, fixtures, and tools for cartridge verification and production. The projects I completed increased the efficiency of cartridge production and the quality assurance of various components. I also performed a great deal of testing and analysis of weapon components, including capturing high-speed video footage and assisting in medical testing.


I am unable to show my specific projects due to a NDA, but I would be happy to discuss them in greater detail. Instead of project photos, please enjoy these videos of me being voluntarily tased. I took two shots with the X2 taser. Each shot is 50,000 volts and creates complete neuromuscular incapacitation.


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