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Chess Set

This project was completed as part of a graduate level course entitled Integrated Computer-Aided Design over the course of three weeks. The chess set was designed in SolidWorks. The base was machined in quadrants using a CNC mill, the Haas Mini Mill, and a bottom plate was used to attach the four pieces and pull them together to create a seamless aesthetic. The chess pieces were turned on a CNC lathe, the Haas TL-1, and secondary operations were machined on a ProtoTRAK CNC mill. SolidCAM was used for all G-Code generation. The base and pieces are made of aluminum and finished with brass caps on the bottoms of the pieces and the corners of the base. The pieces were anodized black and clear both to preserve the surface finishes and differentiate the two sides. 

The Base
The Pieces
Process Photos
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