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I created this globe for a project for a graduate level course entitled Integrated Computer-Aided Design. The assignment was to create a desk "candy". I designed it in SolidWorks and G-Code was generated using SolidCAM. I machined the globe out of aluminum using a CNC mill, the Haas Mini Mill. The stand is brass and was machined using a ProtoTRAK CNC mill and the stand base was turned on a CNC lathe, the Haas TL-1. The globe was created in two halves, the northern and southern hemispheres, and held together with two dowel pins.

I covered the oceans and sandblasted the continents of the globe and then polished the oceans in order to create a texture difference. I then painted the continents with a special coating that protected it from anodization and I anodized the globe blue in order to create a color difference.

The Process
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